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Where to Buy New Zealand Native Plants Online

Many New Zealand plants can be successfuly grown in the UK due to its not too disimilar climate. The following nurseries stock a selection of New Zealand native plants and cultivars plus many other great plants for your garden. All ship orders within the UK and have the facility to browse and shop online.

We hope you enjoy your online plant shopping for New Zealand plants! has over 4,000 plants to choose from. This site has obviously been built by people passionate about plants. The sell a huge selection of garden plants!

Definitely one of the best places to buy plants online! We loved this site, with its huge catalogue, good search tool, informative articles and detailed descriptions of all plants sold online. Highly recommended.

NZ plants include Olearia, Phormium, Tree Ferns, grasses and tussocks


Gardening Express large site selling all types of plants online. Trees, shrubs, fruit trees, bulbs, perennials, grasses, hedging and more...

In our opinion, Gardening Express is definite competition for Crocus' site. Delivery is inclusive and prices very are competative + HUGE range.

NZ plants include Cordyline, Phormium, Tree Ferns, Hebe, Pittosporum, plus other shrubs and several New Zealand grass varieties.



Hardy Exotics

(Penzance, Cornwall) Exotic plants from around the world presented in a great informative website.

The New Zealand Tourst Board are using Hardy Exotics plants for their show garden at Chelsea this year. They were also heavily involved in the award-winning Ora Garden at Chelsea in 2004.

Many New Zealand native plants sold, including:

Arthropodium (rengarenga), Astelia, Brachyglottis, Carex, Carmichaelia, Clianthus (kakabeak), Corynocarpus (karaka), Hoheria (Ribbonwood), Leptospermum (manuka), Libertia, Lophomyrtus (NZ myrtle), Meryta (puka), Metrosideros (pohutukawa and rata), Phormium (NZ flax), Pittosporum, Pseudopanax (five finger), Sophora (kowhai), grasses and tussocks


The Alpine and Grass Nursery UK

(Lincolnshire) Extensive collection of alpine plants and ornamental grasses.

New Zealand alpines include: Acaena, Hebe and Pratia
New Zealand grasses include: Anemanthele, Arthropodium, many Carex speceis, Chionochloa, Cordyline, Festuca, Phormium, Poa, Stipa and Uncinia.


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