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New Zealand Affiliate Programs
• Affiliate programs for NZ nurseries & online plant stores


NZ Plant Pics is currently searching for New Zealand nurseries and online plant suppliers who are interested in free advertising on the NZ Plant Pics website.

NZ Plant Pics receives thousands of visitors each month interested in viewing photos and reading information about New Zealand plants. These browsers are the specific type of highly targeted traffic your New Zealand nursery could benefit from. We want to use affiliate programs to send these people to your web site.

Outside of New Zealand, affiliate programs have become one of the web's most effective marketing techniques for nurseries and online gardening stores. If you take a look at American and UK online plant suppliers, the most successful nurseries offer affiliate programs. This has not yet taken off in New Zealand, but it is only a matter of time before it happens.


Affiliate programs - how do they work?

A site like NZ Plant Pics becomes an affiliate with your nursery. This affiliate then sends targeted traffic to your website. If this results in the creation of a new customer (i.e. you make a sale), you pay a commission back to your affiliate.

Everyone is happy! Affiliates can make money from their website with little or no overheads and the destination site (you… the vendor) receives a steady stream of qualified leads from hundreds of affiliate sites.

The best bit… you don't spend any money unless a visitor makes a purchase!


New Zealand affiliate portals

All of this sounds like more administrative work, but it needn't be. There are several third party sites (portals) serving New Zealand businesses who make this job simple. They help set up your adverts and banners, track the activity of your growing numbers of affiliates and pay out commission for you.

The four major 'portal' sites dealing with New Zealand affiliate programs are:

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What are these?





Affiliate program FAQ for merchants




NZ Plant Pics is currently affiliated with several UK and US nurseries. We direct targeted traffic to their websites to generate new customers.

Some of their ads below (with our review)


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