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Including New Zealand native garden plants - cultivars bred for their merits in your garden or landscaping scheme.

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Dracophyllum traversii

Dracophyllum traversii
Mountain neinei, grass tree, pineapple tree

Endemic. North and South Islands. In the North Island scattered from Waima Forest south to near Taumarunui. In the South Island known only from North West Nelson

(description - NZPCN)

Pittosporum eugenioides Pittosporum eugenioides
lemonwood, tarata

Corokia cotoneaster Corokia cotoneaster
Korokio, wire-nettting bush

Corokia cotoneaster Corokia cotoneaster
Korokio, wire-nettting bush

Coprosma repens Coprosma repens Taupata, looking glass plant, mirror plant

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Celmisia holosericea Celmisia holosericea

Corokia x virgata

Corokia x virgata
wild hybrid Corokia


Clematis forsteri Clematis forsteri
small white clematis, puataua

Hebe diosmifolia Hebe diosmifolia

Hebe 'Wiri Mist' Hebe 'Wiri Mist'

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