New Zealand Plants Free Desktop Wallpaper

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All wallpaper photography remains copyright of NZ Plant Pics. To use these wallpaper photos anywhere other than your desktop, refer to the page – Terms of use – Free Preview Images


Free Tree Wallpaper
Acer palmatum (Japanese Maple Tree) Maple wallpaper. Autumn leaf colous at Dunedin Botanic Gardens, April 2005.

Agapanthus Flower Desktop Wallpaper
(Lily of the Nile) stunning blue flower wallpaper of this non-native evergreen perennial from Africa.

Autumn Leaves Desktop Wallpaper
Here deciduous Norway Maple contrasts with the evergreen New Zealand native plants.

New Zealand Plant Plant Pics present some free sample computer desktop wallpaper.

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  2. Download the photograph fully and ‘right click’ on the large image
  3. Select ‘Set as background’ option

Free Fern Wallpaper
Cyathea dealbata (Silver Fern) an endemic tree fern synonymous with New Zealand native flora.
Leaf Desktop Wallpaper
Elatostema rugosum (parataniwha)
a New Zealand native groundcover inhabiting damp, shady gullies.

Free Fern Wallpaper
Dicksonia squarrosa (Wheki Tree Fern). New Zealand native tree fern wallpaper
Free Iris Flower Wallpaper
Iris ‘The Geisha’ floral wallpaper with New Zealand fern backdrop

Free Flower Wallpaper
Monarda fistulosa (Bergamot, Bee Balm) a perennial herb from Canada. The lilac pink flowers are very attractive to bees.
Hibiscus Flower Wallpaper
Hibiscus rosa-sinensis red cultivar (Chinese Hibiscus). A tropical-looking small shrub most commonly cultivated in New Zealand’s N. Island.

These images are a tiny selection from NZ Plant Pics – New Zealand plants photography. When you have downloaded your favourite wallpaper, browse the categories above of to read articles and view galleries of garden plants commonly cultivated here in New Zealand.