New Zealand Carex Ornamental Grasses

NZ Plant Pics presents a small selction of its NZ native Carex images, please contact me if you cannot find below the exact picture for your project. The following Carex ornamental grasses are all New Zealand native plants or cultivar varieties.

Growing ornamental grasses is becomming more popular than ever. NZ Carex grasses are particularly easy to grow and adaptable for landscaping. Selecting the right variety will enable stylish ground cover on very dry sites with poor soils, or act as perfect ornamental grasses for wet sites or waterlogged soils.

Carex buchananii

New Zealand native sedge grass with an upright tufted form. Reddish brown foliage, growing up to 0.8m tall. Curly blonde leaf tips add to this grass’s charm. Tolerant of most conditions, thriving best in full sun.

Carex comans ‘Green Form’

(Longwood tussock, maurea) New Zealand native low-growing sedge grass with drooping creeping leaves. Grows to 0.4m tall and is tolerant of most conditions. Excellent planted in groups for edging or groundcover.



Carex comans ‘Bronze Form’

(Longwood tussock, maurea) New Zealand native cultivar. Very similar habit to the Carex comans ‘Green’ grass but with bronze foliage.


Carex comans ‘Frosted Curls’

(Longwood tussock, maurea) New Zealand native. A popular cultivar grass with pale green leaves distinctly curling at the tips. Similar use and tolerances to the other comans grasses.


Carex elingamita

(Three Kings Islands Sedge) NZ native species. A vigorous grass growing to 1m tall when in flower. Foliage is light green, almost yellow when fresh. This grass thrives in a damp position.

Carex flagellifera

(Glen Murray tussock grass) NZ native species. A graceful grass with a drooping habit. Foliage colour can be variable from green, through bronze, to brown. Grows to 0.5m tall.


Carex ‘Goldilocks’

(Sedge grass cultivar) NZ native. A clump-forming grass with long arching green leaves with a distinct golden tinge. Grows to 0.5m tall.


Carex secta

(purei, makura grass) NZ native species. Will form a large tussock in damp areas up to 1m tall. Vivid green-yellow leaves have a weeping habit on mature plants. Will be long-lived if planted in a most environment.


Carex testacea

(Speckled sedge) NZ native species. This dense grass is recognised by its warm orange leaf tips mingling with vivid green mature foliage. Grows to 0.6m tall and tolerates dry exposed conditions especially well.


Carex trifida

(Sedge species) NZ native. Between the thick blue-green leaves emerge stiff conspicuous flower spikes. This grass grows to 0.8m tall and enjoys damp conditions.

Carex trifida ‘Rekohu Sunrise’

(Sedge species) NZ native cultivar. Grows to 80cm. Growing rights protected under the NZ Plant Variety Rights Act 1987