Olearia Photography

Olearia genus – There exist 30+ endemic Olearia species from New Zealand. Olearia can be found in a variety of habitats throughout New Zealand’s north and south islands from coastal scrub to forest. Olearia are amongst New Zealand’s hardiest trees and shrubs, commonly cultivated for their tolerance of drought and exposure, especially useful for shelter and hedging.

Olearia albida var. angulata photography
Common name: tanguru


Similar to O. albida above, except for leaves which have waved margins and are more leathery.

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  • Old flowers and seed capsules photo
  • Mature 5m tall specimen photo

Olearia arborescens photography
Common name: common tree daisy, glossy tree daisy


Much-branched small tree. Flowerheads white with up to 10 short ray florets.

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  • Trunk – stout and much-branched
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Olearia chathamica photography
Common name: keketerehe


From the windswept, coastal Chatham Islands where it can form dense scrubland communities. It has amongst the largest flowers of all NZ Olearia at 4cm+ accross.

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  • Whole plant wide shot

Olearia cheesemanii photography
Common name: streamside tree daisy


Probably the most floriferous New Zealand Olearia species. Large panicles of white flowers with a yellow centre. 10-11 long ray florets.

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  • Silky hairy young leaves & old flower-heads
  • Smothered in flowers
  • Growing in bush, coastal Otago

Olearia ilicifolia photography
Common name: mountain holly


A quick-growing tree daisy with lanceolate spiny leaves (more slender than similar Olearia macrodonta).

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  • Leaves and old seed-heads
  • Compact bushy shrub

Olearia lyallii photography
Common name: subantarctic tree daisy


Tall spreading Olearia with an open habit when mature. A quick-growing coastal coloniser, able to tolerate salt spray and shade. Large glossy leathery leaves with pronounced dentate margins.

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Olearia macrodonta photography
Common name: NZ tree daisy


Large clusters of white flowers with a yellow center cover this tree daisy in summer. Broader leaves than the similar Olearia ilicifolia.

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  • Flowers – Olearia macrodonta
  • Leaves – Olearia macrodonta

Olearia odorata photography
Common name: N/A


Small-leaved Olearia species with clusters of tiny highly scented white flowers in summer.

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Olearia paniculata photography
Common name: akiraho


Will grow into a multi-branched tree to 6m tall, but more commonly grown as shelter hedging, responding well to regular clipping. Distinctive undulate leaves (smaller than the similar Olearia albida). Uniquely, flowers contain only one floret per flowerhead.

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  • Olearia paniculata clipped hedge

Olearia virgata var. rugosa photography
Common name: twiggy tree daisy


A scraggy-looking divaricating tree daisy with long wiry branches – can almost look weeping. Clusters of tiny white flowers cover the shrub in summer.

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